Psk controllers

You’re System Partner For the Control Cabinet

PSK Controllers offer a comprehensive product range for electrical and electronic installation concepts to the cabinets. All products are engineered down to the smallest detail to ensure they will work well not only with each other but also with your existing system. Our wide variety of controllers allows you to build a system that meets your installation needs no matter whether you are talking about lowering installation and/or operating costs or simply putting together more efficient. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with International EN/IEC approvals. Our products are Eco-friendly and RoHS compliant.

PSK Controllers components ensure optimum power management in machine and system installations. The individual components are perfectly matched to each other. This ensures consistent power supply on a high level while focusing on efficiency. The simplicity mechanical comfort assembly and installation of our products makes it ready in a short time.

 Our Vision

Work to provide the best value to our customers.
Satisfaction of our customers/users’, controller’s needs.
Place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our employees.
Adopt high business conduct and integration as our principles.
Aim long term, sustainable success.
Take the innovative thinking as our guide.
Respect all opinions, ideas and value.
Ensure the position among leaders in the area of switchgear.

 Our Goal

Our target is, to become a global company that provides standard solutions to the problems in the industry, invest primarily on R&D and innovation, and create value for our customers and employees.